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Connecting Products to Markets

Frequently asked questions

Is your doubling profits service for us?

If the answer is “yes" to all of the following, then it should be for you:

  • The Executive Leadership believe it's possible to grow profits.
  • Doubling profits is material for the stakeholders.
  • We are open-minded to new ways of doing things around here.
  • Production is not a bottleneck: we can scale our product or service readily.
  • We implement well.

In which sectors do you specialise?

None. Our approach works in any sector. Not having industry knowledge also means we can be independent, curious and challenging and approach new situations with a fresh and open mind. We work in any industry, so long as it's legal, decent and honest.

Doubling profit is a serious proposition. How can you be so confident of success?

We are never 100% sure at the start: we just suspect. Our level of confidence grows when we have completed the Discovery stage. Until then we have an open mind as to the true scale.

Why don’t you work with businesses doing less than £1m profits?

Our process works best where most of the infrastructure is already in place and the business has a firm base from which to operate. We are always happy to talk with fast-growth businesses about a future engagement and the conditions necessary for success.

Do you guarantee results?

We guarantee the Discovery process will identify opportunities worth at least three times the fee. We cannot guarantee the Action outcomes as that’s largely other people’s responsibility unless we are directly involved. Having designed the blueprint, we are usually pretty confident it will deliver.

“These people are probably the best
at what they do.”

Julian, Chairman, Health and Beauty